Hotel Ofir

Hotel Ofir
O meu “cafézinho” do dia. Uma esplanada, sol, chá, o mar, poucas pessoas, e tempo para um desenho. Fui lá para desenhar pessoas mas, como eram poucas por causa do vento, acabei por fazer um registo do Hotel. Em casa fiquei na dúvida se deveria dar cor. Por vezes tenho a sensação de que eles ficam melhor assim… ainda vou pensar nisso.
Hotel Ofir, 03.03.2011


  1. Like this work. As to your doubt to paint or not to paint, I can only ask you one thing: ‘Does colour add anything essential or not?’ You know the situation, so you can give the answer. Adding a few people shouldn’t be that difficult to complete the fact that a hotel lives from serving people. A bit of grey might give some more depth, but I think this is lovely as it is.

  2. Thank you Joes for your comment! I decided to keep the drawing has it is. The color sometimes can be very distracting and I wanna keep the expressiveness of the line as the main thing here. I don’t want to loose that…100% line drawing.

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