Serra de Arga

drawing of a lake in Serra de Arga, Portugal
Serra de Arga, Portugal, 19.08.2019

Serra De Arga (Caminha, Portugal) has really nice little corners. This one is near Mosteiro São João de Arga. A small stream of water passes on the west side of the Monastery, close to a stair way that goes to the main road. I had lunch, I catched some sun and did this drawing.

In the drawing you can read: “While I draw, I’m sleeping. I disconnect from the reality around me. Is it good? I don’t know… Sometimes I feel I miss somethings because I’m drawing. On the other and, I stop talking to myself.”

To draw is a kind of meditation. It relaxes the body and calms the mind. I think this happens because the practice of drawing, like many others, pushes you into this. There is no other way. You have to put your attention on the subject and do it. But there is a catch… It feels that, although your senses are more awake and sharp, you just can focus on one things at a time. That means the surroundings just fade away very easily and fast. Are we being taken, through drawing, to other states of consciousness? I think yes…

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