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Hello, my name’s Tiago Cruz and I’m a Communication Designer, Illustrator, Digital-Media artist and teacher at a Portuguese university. My background comes from Art and Multimedia Communication and I’ve been using sketchbooks since my teenage years.

This website is focused on my drawing on location activity. It is something I’ve been doing from a long time. Although I use sketchbooks since I started studying arts in high school, drawing from sight (on location) in the graphic diary and publish those drawings online is something that started around 2011. Since them, I have been researching about this topic in my academic context, giving seminars, workshops, publishing articles, etc. Right now, I want to share with you not just the drawings, but the process of making them, tips and tricks to help you start drawing, or just drawing more, tutorials, reviews, etc. The internet always played a big part on keeping me motivated about drawing so, at this point, I feel I can not just continue that but also be a “motivator” too for other people.

I hope you enjoy my content and I’m leaving here some links to other platforms where you can follow my work:


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