Norteshopping, Porto

Norteshopping, Porto

While Naz was shopping, I seated and drew some people around. Probably the thing I like to do more… Just sit and draw people. Perfect place to do that? A Shopping Center. I had a scenography/costumes teacher that used to tell us just this: “Do you want inspiration? Go to a shopping center in a sunday afternoon to draw and look around.”

I tried some markers from Tiger too… nice things to play with but they are so strong in the paper. Not very easy to use them in a nice way.

Norteshopping, Porto, Portugal, 17.07.2017

book presentation

Diário de Viagem, Costa do Marfim
O Mário, a Ketta e o Matias Linhares, ontem, no espaço Silo (Norteshopping), apresentaram o seu mais recente livro “Diário de Viagem, Costa do Marfim”. Um livro interessantíssimo com registos fantásticos desta viagem.

Yesterday, Mário, Ketta and Matias Linhares, presented their most recent book “Diário de Viagem, Costa do Marfim”, at Silo (Norteshopping).

Porto, Portugal, 14.03.2015